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Our Vision

‘‘To have a community that embraces the vulnerable children, widows, the needy people and off age people who have no support through strengthening their status in society by providing them with physical, psychological, cultural, education, and spiritual care so as to have a full of love society’’

Our Mission

To come together as Christians, make the non-Christians follow our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ by working with the poor and oppressed so as to promote community transformation, seek justice and bear witness to the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Value

We worship and believe in one and only one true God who made heavens and earth.We believe in his son Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and savior.who died for our sins and resurrected so that we may have life in its fullness.

Transforming LIVES By Empowering Women & Men Through Entrepreneurship

Our Causes

TwelveGates is here to declare truth and demonstrate Christ’s compassion in Poor Communities, where people have lost hope.We do this through encouraging, equipping and challenging young people to become active citizens, recognizing the dignity and worth of every person from fertilization to life’s natural end. We have stepped out in Faith to be effective salt and light in our communities where we need real truth and justice

Lets Go Fruity Project

We have started running Letsgo Fruity Campaign this year 2018 with the hope that this will change lives in areas where young children are malnourished and parents are poor cant afford to take care of them. with this project we have stepped out to encourage every home to have atleast 20 pawpaw stands in their gardens. We are providing them with the seeds and as well show them how to prepare the gardens.

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Mangoes commonly known as Muyembe in the local language is the common fruit that the local people haven't been told about its commercial goodness. The locals just use it for domestic. But for this year TwelveGates has come out to enlight the local community about its commercial benefits. For sure we die poor due to lack of knowledge.Therefore we have decided to change the game that instead of only domestic, lets as well go market wise

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Nowadays people in town have learned how to make organic juice, is that the right term to use anyway they make their own with out preservatives meaning they have fresh orange juice. In Pakwach district very few people have oranges, the Government has tried its best to make every home get some seeds but the local people have failed to implement it, this is due to many reasons. For us we have figure out the solution to help them adopt the fruity idea.

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I sat with a friend last year. and he said this "if I could get 2 acres of land and each has about 50 jacks, meaning in 2 acres I will have 100 jacks. and if all goes well in 5 years they start producing fruit. and in a day each Jack am able to get 10 fruit meaning in 2 acres we able to get 1000 Jacks to the worst about 700 Jacks"." each goes for a minimal of 1000sh how much would that be.700000shs aday. but trust me the worst price is 2000 shs. We this eye opening we have decided to let our people engage in this projects.

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Passion fruit juice is the most recommended Juice for patients and the healthy one. we can assure you that in the entire Jonam land not more than 10 people have an acre of the fruit. We do buy it from Paidha, yet agric experts say it grows well in the Jonam. It does understand the kind of land we have. Therefore in our campaign we want to see young people make fortune out of it. we have hotels and lodges surrounding us. But we have nothing to offer for sales. Ooh Poor us. Thank God we are here to change the past

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Upcoming Events

2018 TwelveGates Marathon

For the very first time Pakwach district is going to have a charity marathon Program .

Nomore Poaching Campaign

In-conjunction with UWA. we are running nomore poaching campaign. This is to save our dear animals.

TwelveGates Business Summit

When God calls you to do something, He plans for your success. Take your business to the next level.

Our Partners

We have been blessed with wonderful partners who work with us hand in hand